The never-ending to-do list — how to prioritise hiring process improvements

2 min readJun 27, 2023

The best-laid plan of mice and men (Robert Burns) is a proverb used to suggest that even the most carefully intentioned planning doesn’t necessarily ensure success. We all know that having an SOP (standard operating procedure) in place ought to be at the centre of every business, but often, with the changing tides of the working world, it can be challenging for any business leader to stay on top of it.

People are at the heart of every business. Ensuring your recruitment process is smooth for all involved is crucial. Not only do you have to ensure systems and procedures are up to date and in good running order — but your internal teams need to be savvy with the hiring process so that potential candidates can have the best possible experience.

What are some of the most common recruitment challenges out there?

Recruiting today is a real challenge. With smaller budgets and leaner teams, we’re still expected to produce the same excellent results in attracting and hiring talent. Here are some challenges we know organisations and business owners experience:

If it’s not always clear what your organisation says about itself and the kind of people, it employs — and wants to attract — how can we change this? Attracting candidates through the hiring process can be complicated. When candidates find themselves lost in the system, you could lose them at the first hurdle.

How can you streamline to make the recruitment process much smoother for all involved?

  1. Promotions — internal people know your culture. Offering the right (skilled) people the opportunity to apply before formally starting to recruit shows your team members that you value them and support their career prospects.
  2. Referral scheme — encourage candidate recommendations and get creative with the incentives you offer your employees.
  3. Having employees as recruiters — great people know great people. How about building an internal branding team by encouraging them to tap into digital networks? With good copy and social engagement support, they could spread the word through social media and attract the right people.

By examining what needs to be involved in the recruitment process, you’ll identify what you need, what needs to be simplified and what isn’t working before you look for the talent. Talk to your HR and hiring teams to identify these needs — and ask your staff what they think would work and what doesn’t (after all, they applied for their roles at some point!)

While you’re getting the nuts and bolts in place, you can work on how you can make the process for each candidate an easy and positive experience:

Ensure the hiring process is clear for everyone involved, especially potential candidates:

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